Frank Lima
10th District Vice President

It is my pleasure to welcome and extend my sincere greetings to all the officers, delegates, and participants of the 55th Convention for the International Association of Fire Fighters. Due to the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, this is the first ever virtual Convention for the IAFF.

Pursuant to the provisions of Section 3 Article 6 of our International Constitution and By-Laws, I do hereby respectfully submit for your consideration a brief report of my activities as Vice-President of the 10th District. The 10th District has continued to aggressively organize, experience numerical growth and is currently representing 48,907 members in Arizona, California, Hawai’i, New Mexico and the Territory of Guam. The 10th District unanimously took on a mantra of “Team 10th” and the District has fully bought in to the “Team” concept. “Team 10th” is alive and strong as the District believes that the “Team” is about the Membership, not an individual.

During my tenure as Vice President, I honored and responded to all requests for assistance and service from local unions and state associations. I attended and participated in all state association conventions. I also attended all International Executive Board meetings and all other sub-committee assignments that I was assigned and privileged to be a member of.

Legislative Activities:

All of the state associations in the 10th District have presented to their respective legislatures very progressive legislation and have been very successful. New Mexico was the first state in America to get post-traumatic stress (PTS) presumptive legislation on a governor’s desk, and then ultimately signed into law. California also was successful getting PTS signed into law. Arizona is currently pushing what will be the first cancer presumptive legislation that will be irrefutable by the employer. Hawai’i is moving PTS along in the legislature, which was ultimately authored from a legislator after she went through the IAFF Fireops 101 event in Honolulu.

Training and Education

The 10th District has increased participation in its training and education programs each and every year. Our IAFF Partnership Education Program (PEP) was cancelled this year in San Diego due to COVID-19. Last year’s 10th District PEP and Caucus held in Lake Tahoe was an incredible success of networking, camaraderie, education opportunities and panel discussions. The response by local unions and state associations was tremendous. The 10th District Team raised funds from our larger locals who helped to scholarship dozens of smaller rural locals, who normally cannot afford to attend and participate in IAFF training events.


The activities of the 10th District Vice President require full-time service with a strong support Team we are blessed to have. It would be impossible in this report to cover all of the important matters of local unions to which the 10th District has been assigned. Therefore, I hereby itemize our assignments, accomplishments, responsibilities and victories in the 10th District.

  • Attended multiple Line of Duty Death (LODD) funerals
  • Led multiple IAFF Disaster Relief Command Posts
  • Provided IAFF Disaster Relief to our membership in need
  • Provided financial fiduciary training to local unions
  • Continued work and relationships with other organized labor in the AFL-CIO
  • Provided IAFF burn assistance and hospital visits to severely burned members
  • Provided pension assistance, pension protection and support
  • Continued work as a Principle Member on the NFPA 1710 Committee
  • Provided federal grant assistance to local unions (SAFER, AFG, FP&S)
  • Provided Public Safety Officer Benefit (PSOB) assistance to families/locals
  • Spoke in public comments at public hearings at the request of locals
  • Fought for victories in termination cases for union activity (IAFF Guardian)
  • Assisted locals with grants and loans from the IAFF Emergency Disputes Fund
  • Attended governor legislation signing ceremonies with state associations
  • Attended Fallen Firefighter Memorials in different states
  • Roadtrips through Arizona and New Mexico meeting rural and metro locals
  • Organizing and growing our IAFF – delivering new IAFF charters to affiliates
  • Attended political events in every state in the District – (political influence)
  • Ended jurisdictional disputes in a civil manner while avoiding arbitration
  • Aided members with mental health/registering at Center of Excellence
  • Provided scholarship assistance for children of our fallen members
  • Aided locals in negotiation assistance
  • Voted in the Electoral College in California as an Elector
  • Elected by the Electoral College as the Secretary of the CA Electoral College
  • Aided locals through the merger and de-merger process
  • Worked with locals and Fire Chiefs on labor/management relations


I want to begin by thanking our families who support us as labor leaders and ultimately suffer to a certain degree while we represent our members.

I also want to thank our Team 10th District State Association Presidents: Robert Lee (Hawai’i), Robert Sanchez (New Mexico), Bryan Jeffries (Arizona) and Brian Rice (California) for their leadership. I could not get my work done without the strong support of our 10th District Field Service Representatives (DFSRs) Darrell “Doc” Roberts (Chula Vista L2180, CA), Floyd Rollins (San Francisco L0798, CA) and Stephen Gilman (Good Year L4005, AZ), a long list of Service Representatives and many local leaders I depend on for advice and assistance. All have worked well to take care of problems which seem to never end, and no local has ever been left behind.


As we begin our Convention, let’s reflect on our past IAFF accomplishments. We need to come together as an IAFF Team to aggressively and progressively complete our business in a setting conducive to progress, achievement and respect for all.